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    Default Diff recommendations for V8 Capri

    Hi guys I'm going to do a V8 conversion in a mark 3 Capri, going to run small block Ford will eventually do a stroker in it and hoping for ultimately 500 horsepower but not likely at the start. As I will have to upgrade the diff I may as well put something in that will last for future upgrades.
    What is everybody's thoughts here I'm a little hesitant about going straight to the 9-inch just due to the weight of it and given 500 horsepower isn't that much and it's a relatively light car do you need such a heavy diff? The car will do the occasional run at the drags but mainly just a cruiser.

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    Borg warner conversion either Ford or Holden . Are they the same diff dunno .

    Things u need to no
    31 spline is always desired over 28 spline
    tru trac available as an option , u can run an open wheeler diff centre to start with

    brake options depends on axle bearings used . Obviously rear Brakes need to be compatible to front even if they are drums .
    Might be able to do standard falcon rear drums with a wheel cylinder change in size.
    Wheel bearing selection effects brake selection

    wheel /axle /stud pattern

    If u are shortening a housing caution of what components u select cut down axles are cheaper if available .
    Not all diff shops do custom made to order axles ,all do cut down off the shelf

    Try Geelong diffs seemed reasonable over phone [no custom axles ]
    John Taverna more reputation than anything else ,hard to get detail out of [ yes on custom axle]
    Mcdonald Bros racing seems professional enough on phone [ custom axle yes ]

    Pro 9 50/50 would I use him again dunno at least the warranty worked Check every thing !!!!!!!!!!!
    Ultra 9 Very arrogant/ rude [shutup we will make it sought of thing our way ] had new warranty axles from this guy .

    Caution many donot own some specialized tools being doing this for years . Some people can do by feel most cannot .

    What u can find
    dirt inside housing -need wire brushing on a drill to remove rust
    incorrectly setup axle brgs for selected brakes
    incorrect axle lengths --riding on diff cross shaft
    etched // marked bearings in diff centre
    .............................ASK me how I no these things...………………………………………..

    check for straightness of housing even if u have to have a bar/bushes made to check mine was fine
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    Any thoughts on irs with an r200 diff out of a skyline or similar?

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