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    Default Crown wheel and centre bearing end float hz tonner 1-2 mm 355 ratio LSD

    Just pulled an axle out due to a diff smell(suspect axle seal) the oil is reall smelly amd the LSD I'd sort of real tight
    after 30 years I thought fair enough , I'll Change the oil
    Pulled the back cover off and drained the oil ,
    thought I would check he cones inside the LSD and found at least 0.040 1-2 mm main bearing end float of the centre carrier,
    ok , remove other axle and go to next step , remove centre and check bearings all in good nick , surely it can't have been like this since new?
    Both side preload spacers in good nick , no apparent spinning
    the rhs axle tube seems to have metal grit on the floor of it all the way from outer bearing to inner , but absolute no bearing damage whatsoever, no metal in the centre gears and cones look to be good also

    Any ideas ?

    Has anyone come across this before?

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    You would think if there is metal around then the bearings would be stuffed !
    However, if the bearings are in good nick then its possible that they were stuffed and someone changed them without cleaning up the mess left behind from the old bearings.
    So it could also be possible that one of the new bearings wasn't seated properly and narrower spacers were used and then over time the bearing settled into place.

    Its the only logical explanation i can come up with !

    New bearings aren't very expensive so just replace them and see how they fit with the spacers - If there tight to get into the housing then your problem is solved.
    Having said that - normally you would need a diff spreader to get them in but ive done it by putting the centre in a thick plastic bag and freezing it over night then the next night you get a decent fan heater and warm up the housing for an hour or so then take the centre out of the freezer and quickly get it in there !
    Make sure you have a decent heavy plastic soft hammer at the ready just in case you have to tap it in the last bit.
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    Thanks mick ,
    That would be my thought too ,and I will try new bearings for fun
    The car was my old boys ute since 1980 - had 44,000 k when he got
    Dad wasn't good with having matched size wheels , I remember at least 15 years ago after a long trip ,dad told me it made crunching noises , I suspected the lsd cones binding and got him to do a couple of full lock u turns both directions to free it up .

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