hi all want to put a new shifter in my vl commodore (trimatic) . At this stage im tossing up between a b&m pro racthet , b&m quick silver shifter and a tci outlaw shifter. Plan is to keep the original shifter/console surround to keep it looking half original so to speak. I searched on here earlier and seen a quicksilver shifter fitted to a vk while still retaining the console/shifter trim which looked great but in saying that i love the look of the pro rachet shifter and even more so the tci outlaw shifter!. Anyone know if the Tci out law shifter could be fitted using the stock console/shifter trim and also do these suit rhd vehicles?, had a look on ebay today but the only ones i saw (tci shifters) where to suit lhd. Obviously if i can refit my console/shifter trim it really should not be a issue but. cheers ryan