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    Question HZ One Tonner

    Firstly thanks for accepting me into this forum.
    I have a HZ Tonner that I have been restoring over the past 2 years, I have finally got it back after it being painted. It has all the running gear in it.
    Being my first resto, I have no idea where to start. Hopefully some of you guys can help me out as to which order I start putting it back together.

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    Chassis and driveline first on a cab-chassis. Then panel and paint. You've already done the paint, so hopefully you've already changed body rubbers, fixed rust in the chassis under body rubbers, repaired normal cab-chassis cracks in the rails, etc. If you haven't you may wish you had as panel gaps etc may not line up very well after you've replaced rubbers. Plus you may damage the paint lifting the cab off the rails to repair rust under the chassis mounts!

    If all that is done strip all the mechanicals and rebuild them, clean up the engine bay, get all nuts, bolts, clips etc plated. And bolt it all back together.

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    Thanks, for your input. Have gone past those stages and up to putting the wiring loom heater box dash etc etc etc back in. This is where I'm wondering in what order I need to reassemble.

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