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    Default HZ one tonner

    Hi, Can I fit a VN or similar auto Transmission to my current 253 motor which has a standard 4 speed manual box?
    As I would prefer an auto Trans.


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    Not without an adapter plate. Your 253 is trimatic pattern. A trimatic box would be an easier option

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    A vn t700 will not fit directly up to a 253 as the bolt pattern on the bell housing is different. BUT if you want to get the correct pattern drilled into the block that is an option. The other option is having the t700 bell housing modified to also incorporate the 253 bolt pattern. You may also be able to get an adaptor plate. Personally i would just get a rebuilt trimatic if your after an auto, if built right people are putting decent power through them these days. The other thing that needs to be considered is the application, what are you trying to achieve?
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