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    Default 308 into eh sedan

    Gday all, I've got a eh sedan with a red 202 and a 5 speed celiac box, with a hr front end. I was just wondering what the go is if i was to put a 308 in, I'm not looking for performance, just want a tough sounding cruiser.

    i want to keep a manual box behind it, would the celica be able to stick with the power? or would a 4 speed fit better?
    ht-g-k engine mounts?
    tunnel, firewall clearance ?
    crossmember etc?

    thankyou for any help !

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    Hi EH308, there are many answers to this question and just as many questions that need to be asked. Firstly you will need deep pockets (10k plus), what brakes do you want to use, what front end you want, how much can you do yourself and many more things to consider. I am doing an EH wagon with 253 aussie 4 speed, commodore disc diff, HR front end with HQ brakes and commodore rear mount rack. Engine mounts are HQ. Auto floor tunnel with minimum mods to clear linkages (may not be needed for Celica box), minimum mods to firewall on the left side to clear the head. After all this is done you still need to meet all the requirements for engineering (demister, collapsible steering column, lap sash belts to all outboard seating, 2 speed wipers just to name a few). In regards to the Celica box, you will need a new bell housing and decide on hydraulic or cable clutch before you buy one, if not abused it will hold up as a cruiser. I am not in any way trying to put you off with all this info, there is nothing better in my opinion than the sight of an EH with the sound of a V8. Hope this helps.
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    I have put a VT 5L in my EH,6 speed box,v6 conversions front end,APracing brakes all round,borgwarner diff 31spline billet axles and trutrac centre,has cost a few pennies so far but once finished will be what I wanted,never going to be a show car though.
    All I can say is do lots of research before you buy anything or it could cost you dearly,it’s a shame that Facebook has taken over as there were really good forums around of people doing builds but they have pretty much all died now,there is a few places around that do conversion kits,so give them a buzz and see what they say,the more you can do yourself the more money you will save,good luck with the build keep us informed on how you are going

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    Carefull of 5 spd . Some locate shifter exactly where floor reinforcement is . As u can imagine best not to cut this . If u do heavy reinforcement is needed. Not doing it weakens the floor . Technically no road worthy . My experiences with H,ktg.

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