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    Default TH350 not sitting central in tunnel ?

    Ok so the sbc and th350 is in the HQ.
    I am modifiing the x/menber to suit the th350.
    Problem is the gearbox is about 20mm to the drivers side ???
    I would have thought should sit central in the tunnel?
    I can force it over but it dont seam right.

    Is it offset for the diff?
    I have the thick engine plate on the drivers side.


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    There is something to this .
    My Holdenv8 and TH400 sit central but the 10 bolt diff does not. The diff pinion mounts closer to the drivers side by approx. 20mm .

    Do u have the engine adapter plates on the correct side??

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    Yep plates on correct side.
    Engine sit straight and good sump clearance ....But saying that must be twisted slightly....
    I am thinking it could be the adaptor plates.......I was told HQ but could be something eles ? HKTG? not sure if they are different....

    When i swapped from the 253 trimatic i thought i could use the tailshaft but it was about an 3/4 too short ????? So another reason thinking its the plates.

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    Should be centre.
    Check your engine mounts and plates, something is going to be off there.

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