Yes just got my turbo V8 running pretty good still havnt wound any timing into it yet and it appears i no longer have 3rd or 4th in the 4l60E so f@#$ it appears it doesnt like 10lb and big tyres.
anyway i have come across a manual conversion to a supra style gearbox.
At the end of the day with clutch and tailshafts and crossmember to suit would probs end up little bit cheaper than building an auto to suit this application but not much.
But i will do most work myself fabrication wise.
What are peoples thoughts on auto vs manual turbo V8s.
The details are hilux 4wd T04Z 304 with 33inch tyres not so much hardcore 4wd anymore more of a street blaster something to give some Ricers a hurry up and the occasional run up the beach or maybe go bush.
Im just thinking with a manual im in control of whats happening im keen on input from turbo V8 guys never had a decent auto so i cant compare.