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    Default JT American Imports

    has any one had any experince with JT American Imports in Melbourne? JT American Imports

    offering what i consider rather cheap, rebuilt chev and ford engines? also on ebay,

    spoke with them months ago about a store apparently opening in burleigh heads QLD. think i have found them under PJs american engine imports, only by engine currently on ebay CHEV 350 MOTOR - CHEVY ENGINE - V8 - eBay V8, Performance Parts, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 31-Aug-09 21:29:01 AEST)

    opinions? experience?


    . . . . sorry should have searched first . . . .

    although still interested to know if anyone knows the deal with the one in burleigh heads, PJs
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    Well from that other thread he sounds like he knows how to do business. No experience, but the prices look great. Makes me wish I had a car to put one in!

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    John is good to deal with, will let you check out engines he has in stock to select the one you are after. Price isn't to bad either. He also brings in containers and for a price will bring items over for you from the states.

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