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    Default They censored the boogie

    We've got this feminine number plate ad on tv where the guy gets in his mrs car and picks a real nice boogie and wipes
    it on her door trim. Another version the guy gets in her car and does a loud fart on her seat!

    The ad is for girly number plates so the man wont want to drive it or do the normal stuff we blokes do in the girls car.

    Just watched the ad again a minute ago and the wankers have censored the "actual boogie" with a blurr, lol so now you can't see it come out of his nose and they blurred it again as he wipes it on her door trim.

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    It is a pretty disgusting ad though hey?

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    Ha ha! We didn't get that ad down here but we do get that horrible flu ad where the woman sneezes and all her snot and spit sprays out in slow motion! You can tell it's fake but its still pretty gross and they haven't blurred any of that out! Maybe the boogie in the number plate ad was " real" and that is why it must be more " offensive" to some viewers? Part of me hopes it was, ha ha!

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    Yeah, chicks hate that shit.. sense of humour.. ..they'll whinge 'til it gets censored..

    & apparently they hated.. ..even this one.. ..on many levels.. ..crazy..

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