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    Had a beauty tonight

    that was after an hour of f-ing with the retaining clip that kept falling out and a gap that my hand doesn't really fit in

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuckUte View Post
    Had a beauty tonight

    that was after an hour of f-ing with the retaining clip that kept falling out and a gap that my hand doesn't really fit in
    I've changed a squillion globes in falcons and because I've got big hands I have to pull half the engine bay apart to get in there. Prick of a job.................

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    Checkin out a mates torana, jacked the front end up fixed the problem, as i let the jack down i hear "jack it back up" what i didnt see when letting it down was his dog decided to get under the car were it was cooler , the dog was a dark brown colour it blended in with everything ... lucky for the dog the car had higher springs on the back he just crawled out as tho nothing happend...but it scared 2 shades out of me !!

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    olmate at work was starting an big old diesel genny, that boss got cheap, engine fires up, and the boss walks over and says "whats with the black rod coming out the side?" before he'd finished that sentence, he'd already worn a crutchful of dirty black oil. snickers all round,lol.
    p.b. 10;78@ 123.19mph. never late with a 308

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    I've got one from a week or so ago.

    Replacing the dizzy; I bought a fangle new dizzy clamp.

    I thought it will be easier getting the stud in without the dizzy in place - reaching around with limited space, just as I was thinking "I better be careful not to . . . . FK!" - before I finished my thought I dropped the stud down the dizzy hole into the engine!

    I had considered that at best the manifold might be coming off, at worst the engine would be coming out!

    Fortunately after a bit of stuffing around with a 'reachy claw grabby thing' I was able to get hold of the stud (and not lose it further into the depths of the engine) - crisis averted.

    2 seconds of thinking will save 20 minutes of swearing and doing! Next time I'll shove a rag in the hole - idiot!
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