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    Thanks for the info will make my mind up shortly as to buying this car or not.

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    DONT! what ever you do use California image in Narangba on Brisbanes north side, I have never ever dealt with such a bunch of rude arogent clowns in all my life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HQ383 View Post
    I am living in the US at the moment and want to know what the deal is with bringing cars back from the US. i did hear that a few years back that the government stopped people from bringing modified vehicles back and thay have to be original.
    The reason I ask is I come accross this today at a local monthly carpark car show they have here 512Dart I reckon I will be able to get it for 10k, give it a matt black mopar bonnet and rear strips and it will be sweet

    completely street legal here, so I would use it as a work hack daily until I leave and want to know if it would be worth bringing it home to WA. This year didnt come with a BB 440 but the 68 did, just wondering if I could bluff my way through it and pretend its a factory option 440.....are they that stupid? I suppose mini tubbed will be a dead give away some mods have been done.
    Basically, you need a clear US Title to be able to import a vehicle from US to Australia. There are some import bodies that help assist consumers do this especially if it is just for personal use. The whole process usually takes around 10-16 weeks or even more depending on a number of factors. The Australian government grants Import Approval anywhere between 6-10 weeks alone. Bear in mind that there would also be a lot of costs in importing vehicles including associated costs, shipping cost, inspection cost, appraisal cost (if applicable).

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    The best way to know is to contact the government. Check out the legal process and documents required to import a vehicle from the United States to Australia.

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