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    Default ignition module melting ?

    Is it normal for the "honey" (don't know what else to call it) to melt out of the back of the ignition module? If not what causes it and how can it be fixed.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi All

    That stuff i think is called epoxy resin

    Basically your externall box has corroded somewhere and has a leak, these boxes all run hot , the resin is both to cool down and make the units internals waterproof

    Eventually enough of the resin will leak and you will have issues

    You can change to a new controller but they are $ 60 - $ 100 and suposibly most of the newer boxes dont have the quality of the ones from the 70's - you wont get 30-40 years out of the replacement

    while not a prefect solution you are better off with a slight upgrade, take the the 5 pin plug and that transistor on the front of the cover, and now install a new bosch hei module - they are about $30 for a top quality bosch of $20 for cheap asian one ( dont bother to save the $10 bucks )

    on the australian site moparmarket forum you will find simple diagram to wire up ( +12v , earth , and the correct area for the dizzy controll )


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