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Yeah, I've been sent a heap of photo's of their transmission gear in the warehouse from a mate of mine up there.
The 6 pinion C4 planets are just the modified factory cast ones but there is supposedly a billet 5 pinion one available but not released as yet (supposedly the same as another 5 pinion one from Sydney).

The glide case looks ok and half the price of anything else, there is also a turbo 400 case which looks like a total rip off of the Reid case.
The glide planetary looks very similar to the Sonnax one.

I have been using a billet forward drum that comes with a bearing instead of a thrust from the states and its still cheaper than the procomp one.
Supposedly procomp forward drum has the same story as the 5 pinion planetary.
You know with that C4 planet set . At first glance it does look like a factory case . But I don't think it is . If you compare the USA 6 planets they still have the cutouts in the top for the planet shaft retaining pin. When they add the extra pins and rollers the retaining pin notches are moved to the bottom.

That procomp planet doesn't have the original cutout as if it was a modified original . I'm inclined to think they have done a complete knockoff from scratch ???? It's just that not a lot of thought went into the copy and they have also redrilled the original pin holes even though not required
The Billet drums look ok but at that price i'd be buying USA too.
I've not seen the cases , must keep a lookout