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    Default 350 vs 308 for burnout car

    ok guys ive been doing some thinking and i know nothing much about old school chevs

    i have a ls1 powered car and for my own reasons i dont wont to use a ls1 style donk in this project

    im building a semi budget burnout car play thing i can smash around the place i was going to use a holden 304 base for easy plus i have shit loads of go fast bits for one heavley ported heads forged pistons a virgin block that is mint i havent seen better expensive crane rollers now i pretty much think theses bit wont get me any were near what i would wont for them but i do wont a reliable engine will a mild 350 be well reliable ill be building it my self ive done heaps of ls1,s and holden plastic motors but never a serious chev well i put one 283 together for my brother thats it i just need some helps in decideing thats all guys

    oh btw its going in a hilux

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    Need to take a breath and put some full stops in every now and then lol.

    Isnt the oil system on a holden v8 rather bad at constant high rpms? In which case, chev would probably be a better choice. Everyone fits 253 into hilux relatively easy though, not sure about a chev. Windsor v8 are pretty small afaik, might fit even easier.

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    If you go sbc I've got an engine plate for you to suit . I'd go injected 5 litre with good headgaskets and a cheap blower on that preferably a 6/71 . Starter is on passenger side, one less thing to change .

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