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    Default Mould clips - HQ Sedan

    Dear friends,

    This is about a HQ rescue in Sri Lanka. (sedan)

    It needs mould clips to mount the chrome moulds safely and correctly.

    I found this set from a website (this is for Holden)

    However, I don't know the locations where these different types clips attach to (on the body frame).

    Now here are the questions I have:

    1. Can you share a diagram/photo about where each of these clips go to?
    2. There are 3 types of clips in this set. Are all these 3 types absolutely necessary to set front and rear windscreen moulds?
    3. Can anyone kindly share the length and width of these clips? (because 1960's chevy parts are really close to these by looks and if the size is right, I can get them less than half price)

    Thank you very much

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    The top clips are the main ones you'll need, if I remember correctly they hold on the front top and bottom moulds and the rear top and sides. The 2nd type look to be the ones in the lower rear window mould which you should be able to use the ones you have unless they have fallen out and/or been lost. Not familiar with the 3rd type of clip. The screws are for the front side moulds and the lower rear mould.

    It would surprise me if the Chevy ones fitted, they look very similar.

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