Hey guys hows it going.
Been a very long time since i last touched my car but ive finally decided to have anoth crack at it.

Im cleaning up the engine bay for the new heart when tk is finished with itand just tidying up the rest of the car so that from 8feet it looks nice. One day when im a millionaire i will strip it down and respray properly.

Anyway on topic
I habe removed the rear group 3 spoiler off the boot and welded up the holes i have also welded up all the holes in the engine bay flappa disked them flat again.

Im on a real tight budget just chasing advice on what body filler people would use in the engine bay. That will handle flex/vibration and heat.
My extractors are wrapped. I was thinking upol gold?

Also i welded 5mm plate to the tops of the rails in engine bay was also wondering wat silastic/seam filler/no more gaps i can use that is paint friendly.

The car gloss black so i was thinking 2pac in the engine bay?

All advice appreciated as i have no clue what im doing