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    Default HQ to HZ Firewall transplant?

    My HZ (pano) has a firewall too far gone. I have a HQ (sedan) donor car with clean firewall. I'm looking at unpicking the spotwelds in the floor just in front of the rear console bracket which looks easy enough but I'm a bit more scared about where to cut the sills and A pillars. I need the A pillars as the HZ is knackered so I'll need to cut that almost at the top. Anyone out there have tips for me or pics of doing it? I've unpicked cowl and plenum from a WB so have done that before and have them saved as good replacements.
    So far I am aware;
    1. Holes in firewall differ a little which we can cut/drill/weld no problems
    2. Cowl and plenum differ
    3. Dash support panel I think differs too which I will have to cut out of the HZ and weld into HQ

    I'm OK with welding and happy to spend the time but I am still quite scared I might stuff up getting it to fit back together Looking for advice (no - not the buy another van type LOL).

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    I have a HQ sedan that had terrible A pillars, ruined windscreen top frame and the firewall only had holes for heater. I found a HX wagon that had all those in good nick and factory A/C as a bonus.
    What we did (I mean the local tinker guy, I am a complete noob when it comes to bodywork) was cutting HX wagon few inches above the top windscreen (that is, the top cut went across the roof).
    The bottom cut went at the weld seam at the lower firewall. Then he made the same cut in the HQ, threw it away and welded the HX piece to it.
    My HQ had no dash frame whatsoever (cut and thrown away by PO), so the HX dash had to go on the HQ along with the air ducts under the wiper. (that was all good for me).

    Hope this was useful to you.


    Since you are familiar in welding, you would do OK with the rest. Good luck.

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