Hey guys

My wipers in my hx won't turn off.
My daughter was playing in the car and thought she may have broken something in the stalk, so I pulled it apart and couldn't see anything abnormal and no matter what I did I couldn't get the wipers too stop, so I just brought a new stalk and installed it today and the same issue :/

I've had too call it quits for the day but I haven't unplugged the connector too see if it's the stalk / harness ( which is shouldn't be because its now brand new )

But does the wiring from the connector run anywhere else besides the fuse box to the wiper motor?

Also now that I've had it all apart I've noticed as soon as I turn the ignition off all the way my steering column immediately locks and doesn't need a twist, and also to unlock the column it gets too the point where the car cranks before the column will unlock