Hello All (first post for me) I have recently purcahsed my first Aussie V8, WB 308. Ute is in excellent condition still working my way through all the details checking everything is 100%.
However one area of concern for me is the quality of the headlights.
i will be doing alot of country driving and im used to having auxillary lights to spot the skippies before they find me! however i do not wish to destroy the clean look of the ute by lashing on a row of light froce spotties!

Hoping some forum memebers can give me some ideas to how to light up whats in front!
thoughts so far are:

- Check the chrome in the standard lights is ok and replace the bulbs with some high power phillips ones (wiring has all been replaced so no problem with current draw)
- ideall i would like 2 spot/driving lights - have read on the forum that people have put them behind the grill, im a bit concerned about melting the grill as well as the messed up light pattern, any one have some experience with this? what size fits in?
- Alternative to put un a single row LED light bar (20" - 30") behind the grill and line it up between the slats- anyone done this? Seams the light bars are getting better and better at more directional/spot lighting and it shold be pretty stealth when off.

Any photos or ideas would be appreciated!

Cheers, Tim