What you say is the way I remember it too...A mate of mine back in the early 80's had a HZ SL Kingwood and went to the Holden dealer in the Hill...A remote control mirror for passenger side was not available as a option from the parts dept there....Only a set one,not a remote controlled on at all....First passenger remote was on the WB series one's centre of dash.Electric mirrors both sides were option in WB II DeVille...standard in Caprice.

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I had a HZ caprice that had pretty well everything - even factory spoked/wire wheels and it never had a passenger side mirror. The drivers side was mechanical remote as per Ser1 WB Statesman but the actually mirror was different - more rounded whereas the WB is more rectangular. The series 1 WB had a remote passenger mirror - mechanical operated by a knob in the centre of the dash. I had a WB Ser 2 and it had electric remote mirrors - operated by a switch on centre console. I have never heard of or seen electric mirrors before the WB2 (maybe a Commodore?)...the passenger side mirror on the HZ caprice was an option - it wasn't the same as the drivers side..it was a basic mirror and not remote operated. So I would assume the prem would be the same...it wouldn't have anything that the caprice didn't have. That's why you can't find one or any info on one. PS the reason I know the passenger mirror was an option and a basic mirror was that it was covered in the Owners handbook - described as an option and had a photo of a basic mirror.