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    Default Red 202 intermittant miss

    Have a red 202 in a HQ sedan. Engine has an intermittent miss which is annoying me. Seems to be worse when idling in drive rather than park.

    It has a new rotor and cap. Will new points and condenser help? Maybe a new coil? Is the Bosch SU12R the best option for a new coil?


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    Service /tune
    Points condenser plugs at a minimum
    check cap rotor wear and damage
    check plug lead resistance and condition
    check compressions wet and dry
    cylinder balance test
    vacuum leaks

    A tune up machine can check many other items
    including coil output
    ignition timing variation [ base plate in dizzy might be worn out ]

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    Yep, everything swampy said.

    Without knowing how old/fresh the engine is, it may have a sticky hydraulic lifter...

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