Quick word of warning...

I am looking for a ute/tonner for my tradie son. I have found the cheap ones are all owned by the cotton crash helmet crew.... A mob that is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain an honest answer from...

I find a BF tonner on dual fuel, in surprisingly good condition for $4500 with 2 months rego and RWC, and 295k, without all the corners smashed in, owned, by, of course, by a member of the CCH clan...

So I agree to send him a deposit. But first, I buy a PPSR report... Them the bad news began...

Toyota finance have a lean on it, but can't give me any info after I call them to see what the "go" is. Here is the result:

Search Criteria DetailsSerial number search type: VIN
Motor vehicle: 6FPAAAJGCM7U35789
PPSR registration state searched: Current
PPSR Registration Details
PPSR Registration number: 201402150007934 Change number: 36294183
Registration kind: Security interest
Giving of notice identifier: 826562
Registration start time: 15/02/2014 12:14:34 (Canberra Time)
Registration end time: 15/02/2021 23:59:59 (Canberra Time)
Registration last changed: 15/12/2015 20:08:52 (Canberra Time)
Subordinate registration: Not stated Transitional: No
PPSR registration state: Current
Grantor Details
An individual grantor exists for this registration
Collateral Details
Serial number: 6FPAAAJGCM7U35789 Serial number type: VIN
Collateral type: Commercial property
Collateral class: Motor vehicle
Proceeds: Yes - All present and after-acquired property.
Inventory: No
Purchase Money Security
Interest: No
Secured Party Details
Organisation identifier: 002435181 Organisation identifier type: ACN
Organisation name: TOYOTA FINANCE AUSTRALIA LTD (Verified)

I got the VIN from the vicroads website by typing in the rego : ZJK721

I found the vehicle listed for sale in December 2012 for $17,999 at, of course, Melton Toyota, so that explains the toyota finance lean. It appears he bought it from the guy that got the loan 15/12/2015, only 22 months after the finance was granted, so likely there could be $15,000 owing, that is if the initial purchaser made any payments at all....

I called the guy, and he denied all knowledge, but at this point, nothing he had told me had been truthful, in fact I was making conversation with him as pure entertainment, then as I was finishing up with him, called him out on every lie he told me, for a laugh, and to entertain my present son, who got in on the action also.... he's a smart ass too... hehe...

In the end, he said "I'm too busy to sort this out (but he has time to sort out a road worthy) and he will just find another buyer" (as this one sussed him out) in spite of me saying repeatedly that I want the car...

Hopefully if any members are after a 1 tonner, they will avoid this scammer!!!

These checks are only $3.40 PLEASE DO ONE for every car you look at!!! PLEASE!!!!