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    My red 202s balancer wobbles and when I went to tighten the bolts 2 were loose and the other tight, the 2 that were loose have no bite what so ever so guessing there is no threads, if I need to get new bolts then which ones? But if I need a balancer what do I get, I have power steering also so there is two balancers? Do I need 2 or just 1 new one, they are tight as in they hold the timing mark its just that they are not held in.

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    Your balancer is pressed onto the crank. Sounds like the pulleys which bolt to your balancer need help. Just buy a new balancer if the threads are damaged. It's not worth the fuss to repair the threads and a new balancer is cheap insurance. They need the 4 bolts because they run the belts for all your accessories, like power steer, alternator, water pump and have a bit of pressure on them.

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