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    Default Should I go for a 390 or 465 Holley

    Hi all
    Been reading a few opinions on whats the best Holley dor a warm 186.
    Currently I have 350 holley on and I'm thinking of changing to a 4 brl.
    My question is will I see a difference going to the 4 over the 2, engine has 35/70 cam with 161 hc head with abit of throat work and has a powerglide behind it running in a hk.


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    best Holley for a warm 186.?

    ... none (and I have tried most combos 350 500 465 600 etc)

    a small sidedraft weber or dellorto gives more power (and economy)
    3 sidedraft SUs or CDs will be better

    I even got better hp on the old X2 2 downdraft Strommies than a Holley
    on old hot 186s I had in the past

    The problem is air/fuel distribution.... its so uneven with a large central carb
    the red motor just don't make lots of power.

    the age old proven XU1 style setup will be the go in my opinion
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