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    Default speedo drive going backwards

    I know a fella with a powergide in a hq, when we put a drill on the speedo cable the gauge works, but when we drive it doesn't register and the odometer goes backwards. Is there any way to reverse the direction the cable spins?

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    That's unusual, unless there's another spot to mount it in the trans so you can place the driven gear on the other side of the output shaft then you'll have to get some sort of intermediate box that reverses the drive and run a two piece cable.

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    Some ones been playing games on ya, Aussie six speedo drive gears and Chev V8 drive gears are cut differently, speedo cable on a V8 housing comes off the LHS and Aussie 6 come off RHS.
    Obviously gears are going to be opposite as well, There are 2 different diameter Chev gears which adds to the fun, 1 for fine spline long output shaft and 1 for coarse spline short output shaft.
    You either have to change the Extension housing which will alter your mount position or get the drive gear to suit the housing you have, sounds easy you think. You'll find out if it is soon enough, LOL.
    Either way I should be able to help you out if no one else can up your way.

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    He could learn to use his side mirrors. . . .a real lot!

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    Sorry, missread the post, its tooo early.
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